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Mehikonien & Aergard

Unlocks at level 23 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by sensenmennel (all)
Went public on 10/6/2016
Number of ratings: 33
Average rating: 3.4848 / 5
250 territories, 99 bonuses, 1 distribution mode


This is a fantasy map, of a continent, some friends and me created for a Pen and Paper game. Since we are german, the territroy names are as well.

There are Cities with high Values, a desert with negative Bonuses on Shortcuts, and a relatively free network of ships, connecting to some islands.


Review by Andalorium on 11/19/2016.
Well made, and designed map, even with area and city bonuses it really worked for this map, though I believe a connection was missed from one of the ships/ sciffs to the Lorona port.
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Review by Purgatory on 8/2/2019.
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Review by mikey 4459 on 9/24/2019.
Really interesting map. Takes some effort to work out the bonuses and strategy but good fun
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Review by Erzherzog on 7/20/2020.
interesting, variable map. with a lot sea ways and blocking mountains.
if you play with players with the colours yellow or brown, you might change these. on the map are big yellow and brown fields, what could be confusing.
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