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Death Star

Unlocks at level 2 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by Ginger King (all)
Went public on 10/23/2016
Number of ratings: 19
Average rating: 3.3684 / 5
58 territories, 17 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


This is the feared ship in the galaxy. Part of a larger universe currently being made by myself, Baseborn, and SloppyFatGinger


Review by CunoThe1 on 11/2/2016.
The map looks nice, but is still kept simple, which is a good thing.
The bonuses are nicely indicated. and no place is OP (what I also liked in your other map)
It was fun to play and it took a suprising long time until a winner was visible.
I have nothing bad to say about this map or anything that was very special. It is just a nice balanced map.
Response by map creator Ginger King on 11/20/2016
Thanks for the feedback. I try my best to keep everything balanced and beautiful... wait for my next two maps...
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Review by Andalorium on 11/18/2016.
Long live Star Wars, and I just took over the Death Star, no need for the rebels now.
Response by map creator Ginger King on 11/20/2016
lol. I was a rebel, until you took over. I am now a Clone Trooper
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