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Algerian States

Unlocks at level 2 or with the Mega Maps Pack
#Real World  
Created by Ronnie_Reagan (all)
Went public on 7/19/2016
Number of ratings: 30
Average rating: 1.9666 / 5
47 territories, 4 bonuses, 0 distribution modes



Review by Nathan on 8/2/2016.
The map itself is fine, but the bonuses need to be reworked. First, there are far too few of them - only three primary bonuses for a 47-territory map. They need to be smaller and more numerous. Second, they are extremely imbalanced - 5 armies for 5 territories in the south, 12 for 10 in the center and 16 for 32 in the north. They really should have the same or close to the same territory to army ratio.
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Review by Andalorium on 8/27/2016.
the bonuses are not well thought out, un even and very one sided, needs to be redone.
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Review by Aaron Gagnon on 2/4/2022.
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