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World of Games

Unlocks at level 23 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by RBGaming (all)
Went public on 7/19/2016
Number of ratings: 25
Average rating: 3.88 / 5
354 territories, 65 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


Just an interesting, if unoriginal, map concept. This is my first map, so please leave pointers and criticism in the comments.


Review by Nathan on 7/20/2016.
Not bad at all for your first attempt. The terrain features are diverse, as are the bonus sizes. That, along with the smart use of superbonuses, makes this a very strategic map. Good work.

I did find one broken connection - Sanctuary should connect to Opportunity (Eastern Continent, Borderlands 2 bonus).
Response by map creator RBGaming on 7/20/2016
Thank you for your feedback. Missing connection should be fixed now.
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Review by AbsolutelyEthan on 9/26/2016.
Very well done. Borders are clean, they dont overlap. I appreciate that you didnt go overboard with looping connections.
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Review by Andalorium on 9/16/2016.
For pure joy of knowing half the games, and the other curiosity to know about the other games. Question the Eastern Continent I could only figure out half of what the areas meant, are they all games or just some? Either way fun map.
Response by map creator RBGaming on 9/23/2016
Yes, all the territories/bonuses (Superbonuses excluded) are games/areas/maps/etc. For the most part, if you're interested in learning about the games in question, just look up the name of the bonus. (For the Central Marshes
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Review by Olkani [PG] on 3/17/2017.
works good ! I like it
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