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The Peloponnesian War

Unlocks at level 49 or with the Mega Maps Pack
#Real World  #Diplomacy  
Created by apollong3 (all)
Went public on 6/29/2017
Number of ratings: 38
Average rating: 3.9736 / 5
1427 territories, 1494 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


Here we go. I've been sparsely working on this map for more than a year now, and it's finally done!

This was the map I first started working on. As you move from Peloponnesos and mainland Greece to Anatolia, to Thessalia and Makedonia, across the Ionian sea to Sicily and Italy, you will see the styles of territories changing as I progress from a noob to a somewhat competent mapmaker.

Also, note that many of the territory names are not exactly historical

Please PM me or leave a review message if you find any issues with this map

Hope you enjoy!


Review by Zephyrum on 6/30/2017.
This map is what made Apollo my favorite greek. 5/5 would take him to a dungeon to tie him down for 2 hours while explaining him why I love this map.
Response by map creator apollong3 on 7/30/2017
luv you too Zeph <3
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Review by A_B3 on 7/20/2017.
My commendation for the effort put into developing the map. There are several quirks, however, such as a single point that connects to well over thirty amounting to a couple thousand armies. Makes for a capture the flag game that the winner is essentially determined by the original placement. :(
Response by map creator apollong3 on 7/25/2017
I'm going to try and fix that, in the next update, coming up in 103712469818 days

In all seriousness, I'll try to do it in a reasonable amount of time

thanks for your feedback!
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Review by Zonk on 1/9/2020.
Too many connections, mainly at sea, are not visible - sometimes working with and - in view helps.
Response by map creator apollong3 on 7/30/2020
That is rather odd, are you talking about the mobile version? On desktop they seem fine.
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Review by federico.oran on 3/16/2020.
Great map. Hope you make more games in this
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Review by q on 5/5/2022.
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Review by Den-Sel on 9/24/2017.
Bad map. There is a lot of deviation from historical place names and no link to the historical strategy of the Peloponnesian War. Re practical things, there are too many territories, too many connections. Bonuses are unclear to incomprehensible. The font is so small that you have to zoom all the way in and then you can't figure out the bonuses. Without a manual, I find this unplayable.
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