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Unlocks at level 15 or with the Mega Maps Pack
#Real World  
Created by Съмрьть (all)
Went public on 6/27/2016
Number of ratings: 53
Average rating: 3.9245 / 5
576 territories, 119 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


All countries of former Yugoslavia in one place


Review by Nathan on 6/30/2016.
There are some great maps of Yugoslavia or its constituent republics out there. While some may be more aesthetically pleasing, this is an outstanding map that ranks right up there with any of them in terms of gameplay.

Like most political maps, this lacks the chokepoints that terrain features provide. This is more than made up for by the non-standard shapes of the territories, the varied bonus sizes and the hefty superbonuses. It's not so much about blocking the enemy, it's about what you allow him to take.

Great work!
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Nice detailing. Bonus values are kind of odd but luckily they can be changed. 4/5
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Review by AbsolutelyEthan on 9/26/2016.
Very clean borders. Super bonus icons are a bit vacant.
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Review by Petyyy on 12/24/2016.
Huge map!
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