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FFX - The Land of Spira

Created by sloppyfatginger (all)
Went public on 6/13/2016
Number of ratings: 33
Average rating: 3.5454 / 5
127 territories, 42 bonuses, 3 distribution modes


This was my first map and has been modified and published several times. I finally decided to completely revamp the entire thing and add some details that I felt like were missing, in the interest of ecompassing the essense of the actual game itself. It now has all the temples and cities and Sin incorporated, as well as a better balance from bonus to bonus, and better mobility.


Review by Aura Guardian on 6/13/2016.
You Forgot to add the connecting line between Macelania Island and East omega Ruins 3. In any case, you did a fairly decent job with your first map. The size of some of the bonuses are a little large for my taste, especially considering the size of the map, and it has a balance issue which causes it to favor the south (higher ratio of smaller bonuses), but in any case, congratulations on your first map!
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Review by Bob on 7/6/2022.
okay map
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