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Small-Medium Earth

#Real World  
Created by Flesius9517 (all)
Went public on 5/16/2016
Number of ratings: 81
Average rating: 3.716 / 5
98 territories, 36 bonuses, 2 distribution modes


A map made as a in-between of Small Earth and Medium Earth map.


Review by Nathan on 5/16/2016.
This is great! A nice quick play with a bit of a new twist on some of the familiar connections.

I do, however, shudder to think at future naming conventions concerning additional "in-betweener" maps. Large-medium-small-medium-Earth, anyone? :P
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Review by Urfang on 5/16/2016.
Definetly it was a hiatus between small and medium Earth. Now this lack disappeared.
Seariously this nor too small neither too medium map is strategic and fun to play.
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Review by Brotherdan on 8/31/2016.
nice intermediate earth map! Playable, no errors, and giving that nice sense of "risk" game as all earth maps. I find the size very enjoyable. A small criticism: superbonuses are not at all evident, their squares are just slightly bigger than those of the normal bonuses. Perhaps a different shape (circle?) or even larger size would make them more obvious. Otherwise very good.

An alternative name suggestion, to avoid the "(small-medium)-medium earth" naming issue: "96 territory earth": not particularly exciting (but "small medium" is neither), still reminescent of the XXX earth series, but quasi-univocally identifying the map.

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Review by Daryle on 11/2/2017.
Great little Map. I believe Australia is the key as it seems to be the easiest to take and hold for bonuses over everyone.
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Review by MiserMystic on 3/11/2018.
My 1st attempt at creation. Not bad but not as difficult as others I have played
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Review by Larry on 3/16/2022.
Nice and balanced for us old folks
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