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Gemini Sector

Created by odanez (all)
Went public on 5/18/2016
Number of ratings: 40
Average rating: 3.7 / 5
268 territories, 123 bonuses, 6 distribution modes


2669, Gemini Sector.
The Terran frontier between the Kilrathi Empire… and the unknown...

This is an almost exact replica of the in game map of the original game "Wing Commander - Privateer" from 1993.

The map is split into 4 quadrants, and owning all systems, that are reachable from within that sector gives a bonus, and an additional bonus for all systems that are only reachable from another quadrant.

Every system is circled with a large circle. Within a system, every territory is connected with each other. A system consists of squares (bases) and circles (nav points, asterioid fields, jump spheres and other). To jump between systems, you need to reach the jump sphere to that system (see the name of the territory or follow the blue lines). There are bonuses for all bases within a system, plus for all territories in a system. All other bonuses can be seen in the middle of the map.


Review by Nathan on 5/18/2016.
Simply put, this is a masterpiece. Strategic, quick-moving and devilishly complex - this map really makes you plan and pay attention. Fortunes can rise and fall in the blink of an eye!

One minor issue - in Blockade Point Tango, the lines connecting to Mah'Rahn and to Lisacc should be reversed (the jump territory names are correct, but the lines are not).
Response by map creator odanez on 5/19/2016
thanks, I will fix the bug in version 1.1. Got a few other minor things to fix too.
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Review by Ranek on 5/23/2016.
Intersting map, with a lovely, nostalgic artwork. It defenitely adds something new to the warlight map arsenal. Although it suffers from the same issue, most space maps suffer from - too much empty space, it is well done and should work great for most outer space scenarios. I like the idea with the sectors. Unfortunately super bonuses are a bit confused. Maybe you could use the coordinate system to determine their positions and the included territories.
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Review by RosesShadow on 5/19/2016.
It is really good map.
It is ok for 4 or more players.
There are separated bonus, which is very good for initial round0 decision.
Also there could be 1vs1 mini fight in game of 4 players.
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Review by Tarhani on 6/4/2016.
Troy system. Back again.
Well, it's been a while. But everything looks the same... even the old terminal recognizes my hand. Will there be a nice patrol mission for me today?
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Review by Lx on 5/19/2016.
Brilliant Map! Well conceived and nicely balanced. Highly recommended, especially if you are a Privateer fan! ;)
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Review by Jamie Hide on 5/23/2016.
Good map. nice to play has the old school theme down. just needs some nicer graphics with it. show these places as systems and look like asteroids etc.
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Review by boontjekoen on 5/24/2016.
Could use some polishing up in the matter of distribution modes but very decent for strategy.
Response by map creator odanez on 5/31/2016
In version 1.2 there will be 6 new distribution modes: bases only, one territory per system, one territory every 2 systems, and the 4 corners (start locations are on the extreme edges of the map), then top vs bottom and left vs right
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Review by {N.W.} mick1299 on 5/25/2016.
The bonus for owning the home world of the church of man is miss spelt, It says "Home World of the Chruch Of Man"
Response by map creator odanez on 5/30/2016
thanks, the fix will be in version 1.2 of the map
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Review by Malteus [GER] on 5/31/2016.
You do remember these old times, where The Wing Commander Saga was state of the Art in Sci Fi Gaming in early 1990's... Hopping from nav point to nav point and hoping not to be beaten up by the Kilrathi. Here it is, the reminiscent map to get the old thrill back!
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Review by Andalorium on 8/30/2016.
Wow what a fun map, I got confused at the start trying to figure out how everything connected, but after the first few turns the strategy became clear.
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Review by Moshebo on 12/12/2017.
Great for 30 player games, except small bonuses are strange
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