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Desert Island

Created by NinjaNic (all)
Went public on 5/12/2016
Number of ratings: 37
Average rating: 3.405 / 5
73 territories, 20 bonuses, 0 distribution modes



Review by Nathan on 5/12/2016.
Another triumph by Nic. Strategic and bloody! With only 33 total bonus income to allocate, this map promotes long slogfests. Go slowly and make the most of your cards.

Nic - only one suggestion for improvement - the eastern continent feels a touch too isolated. Maybe an extra connection to the mainland, perhaps between Stionan and either Ezoana or Feza.
Response by map creator NinjaNic on 5/12/2016
Thanks! This was meant to be a hard and strategic map to play. Feza already connects to Ezoana, but I can possibly add another connection with Stionan. Thanks for the feedback!
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