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Islands of Stiren

Created by Flesius9517 (all)
Went public on 4/27/2016
Number of ratings: 58
Average rating: 3.9482 / 5
415 territories, 84 bonuses, 2 distribution modes


This map is complete fictional map made up by me. The names were made up by me as well, so except in a few cases where it were deliberately taken (like Vodorod, which means hydrogen in Russian (водород), and Kyoka, which can mean permission (許可), strengthening (強化), or curriculum (教科) and many other things in Japanese.), the names meaning something in certain language is just a coincidence.

Started date: April 9, 2016 (took 18 days)


Review by Nathan on 5/12/2016.
I loved playing on the Islands of Stiren. They are well laid out with adequate connections and numerous chokepoints. You will not faceroll to victory on this map. In fact, my only issue with the map is that the green glow surrounding the landmasses can make it a bit difficult to make everything out - but maybe that's a vision problem only I am experiencing.
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Review by rishon on 7/4/2019.
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Review by warhawk on 11/15/2019.
Played in what turned out to be a 1 vs 1. But a 4-ffa would have been great !
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