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Game of Thrones - WESTEROS

Unlocks at level 34 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by Marek (all)
Went public on 4/12/2016
Number of ratings: 28
Average rating: 3.2857 / 5
64 territories, 10 bonuses, 2 distribution modes


Map from Game of Thrones


Review by Niobium2 on 4/12/2016.
There are a lot of Game of Thrones maps on Warlight, and I feel this one doesn't take enough inspiration from the others. It's good to be unique, and the different format is interesting, but what does this map have that the others don't? The ports are illogical, plus there are spelling errors like "Casterl rock" and "Sanderstone" Fixing these and reworking the ports might bring this map up to par with some of the others. ATM, 2/5.
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Review by Nathan on 4/21/2016.
Step 1 - Conquer the North
Step 2 - Make a sandwich
Step 3 - Victory

While the compact size of the map is nice, there are far too few connections and whoever wins the North will almost inevitably win.

For more balance, I recommend additional connections between Dorne and the Stormlands (Boneway), Tarth and Mistwood, Dragonstone and Duskendale, the Westerlands and the Riverlands, possibly White Harbor and Strongsong and certainly Essos and Westeros as a whole.
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Review by Blooo __ on 3/29/2023.
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