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Rule Britannia

Unlocks at level 12 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by General Amoora (all)
Went public on 2/4/2016
Number of ratings: 20
Average rating: 2.35 / 5
25 territories, 31 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


The British Empire was a worldwide system of colonies under the sovereignty of the crown of Great Britain. At its height it was the largest empire in history and covered about a quarter of the world’s land surface with territory on every continent. Trade ties with nations outside of its sovereignty reinforced its global dominance. Now you are free to play on the empire of Britain, perhaps even form it. It's all about your tactical genius. Can you prove yourself worthy of the British Empire, or are you just another fool standing in the way of true emperors?


Review by NinjaNic on 2/7/2016.
Extremely imbalanced and the connections are very hard to see/understand. You can earn >100 income with less than 20 territories. Britain is overpowered (which does make sense in this case) but you may want to fix the centerpoint error in "British Arabian Sea Bases."
Could use a lot of work, but good try. On the positive side, I like the use of the background. Keep it up!
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