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Chinese chess

Created by Yu-Ren Pan (all)
Went public on 1/6/2016
Number of ratings: 32
Average rating: 3.4375 / 5
90 territories, 18 bonuses, 1 distribution mode



Review by Tarhani on 1/9/2016.
You can move across the river...? Well, nice board, but chinese chess is a game very different from warlight.
Response by map creator Yu-Ren Pan on 1/9/2016
Only two pieces are affected by the river's presence: Soldier pieces have an enhanced move after crossing the river, and Elephant pieces cannot cross it.
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Review by Nathan on 1/19/2016.
As one might guess, this map is only playable with two sides.

Like others, I was surprised at the ability to cross the river, particularly as the crossings are not marked. An attractive possibility might be to introduce water territories staggered between the red and black lines (the 5 and 6 ranks). Each would connect diagonally to the four adjacent territories, e.g., the farthest left would link to A5, A6, B5 and B6. Each would also feature a negative bonus, which IMO would not only add to the strategy needed to conquer, but would realistically emulate any army's disadvantage in trying to cross a river.

Finally, the 2-player distribution needs to automatically include the general for each side.
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Review by Andalorium on 8/18/2016.
it was a nice quick game
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