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Unlocks at level 27 or with the Mega Maps Pack
#Novelty  #Real World  
Created by Kain (all)
Went public on 10/5/2016
Number of ratings: 75
Average rating: 3.7333 / 5
146 territories, 39 bonuses, 13 distribution modes


FusssBall - a twisted map of Germany.
Map is designed for 2v2, 1v1 or FFA games.
Bonusses are balanced and valued (n-1). No superbonusses.
13 distribution modes

General map layout is divided into 3 functional layers:
1) outer ring - composed of bigger bonusses connected laterraly by narrow passages (without choke points)
2) inner ring - composed of smaller bonusses scattered around the perimeter of big ball. Some choke points placed between them.
3) big ball - positioned centrally, serves as a big hub which shortens the passge from north to south (to counterballance a bit streched geography of Germany)

1v1 template ("Hools"):

Great thx for all those who helped me with the creation of this map, especially testers, Mr T (for his contribution into creating "Hools" template) and Dr.Awkward (author of most of the territory/bonus names)

If you like this map then check my previous one - "Polandball"


Review by Legi on 10/10/2016.
Its a nice and fun Map. I like the 146 territory descriptions, particaly on broken german :D
I had a problem with the football in the middle, it was at first not realy clear that it was a bonus.
At all, a good map for a 1v1 :)
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Review by psykkoman on 10/5/2016.
Nice funny art, too bad that map feels a bit disunited, less small bonuses would definitely help. One personal nitpick - I would expect bonus dedicated to German philosophers (Kant,Nietzsche,Schopenhauer,Leibniz), their influence is truly comparable with the one of German football.
Response by map creator Kain on 10/5/2016
damn - I knew I forgot about sth.... I'll submit new version with philosophers in about week or so :)
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Review by Rudii on 10/9/2016.
interesting and funny :)
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Review by TurboTT117 on 10/9/2016.
FusssBall are a good strategy map, and can be used for multiply settings and high leveled games(such as ladders, tournaments, etc). It has alot of 2 and 3 bonuses pretty equally divide all around the map. Because of this theres no overpowered places or bonuses.
As for the description i had(of what i could understand the main), fusssball neatrals where worth 0, wich mkaes it a place "all" would consider inmportant. For blocing enemy bounses, or just having controll, and gain the area, when powering up outside the fussball bonus. In all i had pretty fun playing this map, and i belive this map would be used alot in the future.
Response by map creator Kain on 10/11/2016
thx for review. Just to make things clear - neutrals inside the ball are worth "0" only in "Hools" template (which utilzes special distribution mode to allow for that).
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Review by Al AssAff on 10/11/2016.
awesome map...its fun to play 1vs1
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Review by FrontKick2TheFace on 10/14/2016.
awesome map!
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Review by FC Bayern on 10/18/2016.
Overall a very good map.
Especially the Football Bonus, in the middle, is very interesting.
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Review by Pavluski on 1/1/2017.
Great strategic map, maybe not the most beautiful shape but would fit perfectly into a "ball map pack"(polandball) the difficulty here is to cover the map(center!) and gain fast income. the game can end very fast or be a very looooong game due to some nice chokepoints!!! second map that i rated....
Response by map creator Kain on 1/22/2017
"the game can end very fast or be a very looooong game" - that was exaxctly the type of map I was trying to create:) thx for your review!
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Review by Metaltubbie on 10/6/2016.
You must realy hate germany...

You have names of bonuses/territories in different languages...

Several times you are using german words that are misspelled:
Fusssball -> Fußball
Fusball -> Fußball
99 luft baloons -> 99 Luftballons
Munchen -> München
alkohol -> Alkohol
Muskau -> Moskau
Extasy -> Ecstasy
Adolf Hürer -> Adolf Dürer

You're blending words from different languages:
Kinder surprise -> Kinder Überraschung
Zentral Europe - Zentraleuropa
(or: Zentral Europe -> Central Europe)

You do use words that don't exist:
This no word, i think the end is missing.

You're even misspelling you're own comrade:
Miroslaw Klozet -> Miroslav Klose

In one territory you changed a radical assertion from the nazis to something only a little different...

You have polish territories at the border of netherlands and a german territory named polen - that's strange...
Response by map creator Kain on 10/9/2016
well, I really dont know what to say mate.... first thing is I have no idea why u imply that I HATE germans - big word.... and completely unsuported with my deeds... fact is I really like german people. I wouldnt make such a map if I didnt. Or it would be much more pesimistic and filled with concentratzion lagers instead of sausages and poets...

2nd - I really dont know why I cant use the blend of different languages? Isnt Germany Multi-Kulti?

At the end - just take in mind that this whle map is nothing more than a joke/funny map and some of those language errors were made on purpose. Just take it easy and have a good fun playing on it.

p.s. I thought Miroslaw Klozet was a German?
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Review by DR.AWKWARD on 10/9/2016.
@ Metaltubbie
Well then - it clearly requires something important to befriend with this map - that you obviously lack - its called HUMOUR and i love it, you should try!...
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Review by Olkani [PG] on 10/16/2016.
nice to look at.. but makes it no fun to play on the map!
it's like being a hooligan. Run around the area and beat around.....sinless
Response by map creator Kain on 10/16/2016
you refer to map itself or maybe to it's dedicated template "Hools"?
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Review by Andalorium on 10/19/2016.
A well laid out map, with decent number of bonuses that are not outrageous in size or in unit increase. Also the "extras" like the background pictures and bonus info has breached a different level of map making.
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