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The Segregated Dominion

Unlocks at level 14 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by Mr_Jenius (all)
Went public on 11/13/2015
Number of ratings: 28
Average rating: 3.2857 / 5
53 territories, 9 bonuses, 8 distribution modes


The Dominion of this land is mostly seperated by the sea, you must control the islands and get your head around the strange uncommon layout of this map.
1.2 is the second balance of territories, Anamaliak became to important with a 3 for 5 territories, so we moved into a 2, as well as introducing a 1 bonus for 2 other territories on that area of the map, just slight rebalance, should help a lot though
Also made a new connection on North East for quicker spread in an island, as well as adjusted connection in South West for slightly quicker spread
Let me know what you think!


Review by Master of the Seas on 12/8/2015.
A fairly simple small map. I particularly liked how not all parts of the islands were connected, so sometimes you had to take the scenic route (and partially capture other islands) to get to your bonus. Bonuses seem well-balanced, and I haven't been able to find anywhere which seems overpowered. Decorated nicely, a solid 4/5. Only wish there was an expanded version now. :)
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Review by Urfang on 11/13/2015.
Nice graphics great world it is a very good small map.
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Review by skarabaios on 6/11/2024.
Beautiful map, very pleasing!
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Review by stjacky on 12/3/2015.
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