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New York 1900

Unlocks at level 6 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by trackhurdler25 (all)
Went public on 11/13/2015
Number of ratings: 67
Average rating: 3.7462 / 5
142 territories, 45 bonuses, 4 distribution modes


This is New York City circa 1850-1900, based on historical maps from the time.

Distributions include:

Gangs of New York
6 player FFA, best starting with one or two territories each. Close quarters early game, alliances recommended.

Clockwise from tip of Manhattan:
The Whyos, The Hudson Dusters, The Gophers, The Eastmans, The Bowery Boys, The Dead Rabbits

Battle for Manhattan:
5 player FFA or teams. Stay back and attack your neighbors or stake your claim on the main island from New Jersey, the Bronx, Queens, North Brooklyn, or South Brooklyn.

Manhattan v. The World:
2 team battle. Attack Manhattan from all sides or protect the island from invaders.

Ferries and Islands:
Start on the islands and ferries of New York City and decide whether to push inland or secure the surrounding boroughs.


Review by Lionheart on 11/18/2015.
Good job, I loved the map, has a very good gameplay and is not a tiring map. too cool for 1v1 or 2v2 games
The only thing that might change, following the proportions of the game, it would be the territory of Northern Manhattan that should have 3 bonus armies.
with this review I would like to give a 5/5 rating, but for now its 4/5
I look forward to playing it in tournaments.
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Review by WormDog on 11/22/2015.
Very well designed. The detail breakdown of the territories feels right. Not too detailed. Yet still enough detail to keep it interesting. It is fun to play in New York.
2 out of 2 people found this review helpful.
Review by blob on 12/6/2015.
Nice and clear. I particularly like the way each ferry group has an icon that is used to identify which ferry belongs to which group. Am looking forward to your next map (300-ish territories?).
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Review by DanWL on 1/28/2018.
Nice artwork. Makes for medium length games.
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Review by Nabel Andy on 4/14/2021.
Thank You!
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Review by Voi Maniac on 2/10/2016.
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Review by Christian Tschuertz on 11/14/2015.
Response by map creator trackhurdler25 on 11/16/2015
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