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Soviet Vs Allied

Unlocks at level 3 or with the Mega Maps Pack
#Real World  #Novelty  
Created by Nova (all)
Went public on 10/1/2015
Number of ratings: 58
Average rating: 3.6379 / 5
175 territories, 83 bonuses, 0 distribution modes



Review by Nathan on 10/1/2015.
Structurally, the map is quite sound. The bonuses are varied, the two sides of the world are well connected and links are clearly marked. I found only one mistake - Wielkopolska and Chernovtsy should not connect. I also like superbonuses, but I don't understand the superbonuses that look like military units. Lastly, this map is PERFECT for scenarios, but there aren't any. :(

Geographically, however, the map leaves a lot to be desired. Americans will immediately notice most states that are out of place, are improperly sized and/or should not connect, for example Illinois is where Oklahoma should be and S. Dakota should not border Nevada.

I'm not an expert on Russia, but Irkutsk should not border the Ukraine. Europe is pretty good, but Hessen and Baden-Wurttemberg should be switched.

Get these things cleaned up and the map will review much more favorably.


Response by map creator Nova on 10/1/2015
ty! i will try to fix the connection and of course the location.
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Review by Ox on 10/1/2015.
While the bonuses are consistent, they simply aren't logical from a strategic standpoint. Bonuses with a 1:1 territory ratio tend to not be very strategic at all.

This can however be overlooked, as I can potentially see some good FFAs on this map.

The main problem lies with its geography. The bonuses, territory names, and territory shapes look like they have all been made by different people. If you are having trouble with the names of regions, or if the territories are too big for them, then just name it after cities!

For example, the main problem for me lies in Germany / Poland

Niedersachsen -> Cologne
Baden Wurttemburg -> Berlin
Hessen -> Munich

Any other questions concerning geography, just mail me! :)
Response by map creator Nova on 10/1/2015
thanks! then i will have to do some research of the cities names and mail you if need :D
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Review by [NL] Lucas on 10/2/2015.
The shapes are not so pretty, and the territories are named terrible. Many names in the US and Russia are not right but the worst mistake is to name the benelux Luxemburg instead of Netherlands or Belgium. Bonusses are not clear and I just do not get the point of this map
Response by map creator Nova on 10/2/2015
gotta take a month to edit russia and usa....
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Review by Riveath on 10/1/2015.
It's a fine map, but you placed Poland in Belarus and gave Poland to Germany instead.
Response by map creator Nova on 10/1/2015
uh im sorry :p
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Review by Nova on 10/5/2015.
sorry guys....i messed up but i will try make a soviet vs allied 2 game ...i will leave this one here...
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Review by FunnyEric on 10/24/2015.
wrong naming of territories (compared to real world) and wrong position of the iron curtain.
in particular, the soviet union didn't include poland, slovakia etc.
that's pity because the idea is nice.
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Review by Bob on 6/8/2022.
clean map
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