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Created by David Staiger (all)
Went public on 10/4/2015
Number of ratings: 76
Average rating: 3.7368 / 5
391 territories, 105 bonuses, 1 distribution mode


Classic D&D landscape

Be aware, sea voyages will cost you armies. Mountain passages will cost you more.

Hopefully I managed to get all the connections fixed. If not, let me know.



Review by Nathan on 10/5/2015.
Another quality map. Nicely laid out and well-connected. My primary observation is a matter of personal preference, but when a map has quick-travel territories (the mountains and seas here) with negative bonuses, I typically want there to be some superbonuses, as well. As it is, the bonus next door is worth as much as a bonus far away, meaning I am unlikely to expand as quickly. Alternatively, the negative bonuses could be much larger to significantly penalize those who want to take shortcuts.
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Review by yesnoyesyesno on 8/9/2021.
challenging, fun
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Review by Mjoth on 6/19/2022.
Really nice map, I liked the varied terrain. Good, balanced game play. Fun!
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Review by blob on 11/8/2015.
Nice map, interesting connections and different kinds of bonuses. I appreciate the work that went into this.

Even on a 27 inch 2560x1440 monitor, bonuses and army counts were hard to read; I put off playing the map for weeks, and when I did play I almost quit after a few turns because it's a pain resizing or not being able to see (basically the only two choices I could see). It'd be great if you could make things bigger, especially the text and army counts. Here are a few suggestions to create more verrtical space (up-down seems to be the more limited dimension in this map): (1) Move the red title from the top to the left; (2) move territories that are near the top and bottom to use less vertical space while keeping the same connections, making space to scale the entire map size up a little; (3) with whatever size you do end up with, arrange for the bonuses and army count text sizes to appear larger than they do now.
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