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Theory of Growth and Extermination

Unlocks at level 49 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by ℳℛᐤƬrαńɋℰ✕ (all)
Went public on 7/25/2017
Number of ratings: 30
Average rating: 3.9333 / 5
127 territories, 469 bonuses, 22 distribution modes


This map is not your every-day standard map. It is fully symmetrical, easy to understand and offers a fast growing in income. It is boring from the outside, but with the right settings a whole new experience. Each territory is connected to any bordering territory. Clear details of possible bonuses are laid out on the map. This map is good for FFA and 1v1 games. There are many FFA and 1v1 distribution settings available.

In general settings I suggest using 0-base income with 1 initial armies, so the main income would come from territories held (each territory is worth 1) or use first turn reinforcement cards (when there is less than 3-territories assigned). For FFA games Diplomacy, Sanctions and Emergency cards offer interesting strategic outcomes. Secondly heavy or dense fog with reconnaissance card is interesting addition. No-Split as well multi-attack also results fun gameplay. LD is not advised here.

Feedback is welcomed, and if you have interesting templates, share them with game links in reviews below.


Review by Andalorium on 1/28/2022.
Interesting and fun 5 minute distraction.
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Review by PJABBER on 4/11/2023.
Not complicated, get those territories and build the bonus advantage to win.
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