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US Civil War

Unlocks at level 11 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by Imperator (all)
Went public on 1/4/2016
Number of ratings: 117
Average rating: 3.9487 / 5
614 territories, 139 bonuses, 2 distribution modes


Alright, this is my map of the USA during the 1860's when we had a big civil war.

I called it "The Civil War" on the actual map itself not because I'm ignorant of the fact that basically every country has had one or more civil wars, but because that's what it's taught as in the United States, where I live. I felt it was appropriate since I named the map "US Civil War".

If you're from the south like I am, you'll notice that blue is a yankee color, so wtf is up with me making the CSA blue on this map? Well yes, blue is a yankee color, but this is a moslty political map, as it was a moslty political war, so I decided it would be appropriate to color the countries based on the parties that were running them. Democrats were mostly runnig things in the south, so That's Blue, and up north there were mostly republicans, so it's colored red.


Review by NinjaNic on 1/5/2016.
Great map!
California and Oregon seem a little bit isolated, otherwise, good job!
I like how you did the superbonuses.
Response by map creator Imperator on 1/5/2016
Thanks for the feedback. The superbonus model is actually one I've been experimenting with for a while, and I've been implementing it into all of my new maps, so it's nice to get some feedback on it :)
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Review by Nathan on 1/6/2016.
Great map! The west, Texas and Florida are a bit isolated, however. I recommend adding the following connections:

- A link between Texas and Kansas across the Oklahoma Panhandle

- Sea-based links from Harris (TX), New Orleans and Miami-Dade to San Francisco, Los Angeles and Portland (reflecting ocean voyages around the tip of South America and/or voyages transshipping in Central America)

- East coast sea-based links between Boston, New York, Annapolis, Fort Sumter and Miami

- Gulf coast sea-based links between Harris, New Orleans, Mobile, Tampa and Miami-Dade

- Great Lakes-based links between DuPage, Monroe, Cleveland and Buffalo

- Finally, connect some part of Eastern California to Nebraska and/or New Mexico Territories.
Response by map creator Imperator on 1/19/2016
Thanks. I'll definitely add some or all of these when I do an update :)
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Review by j willy 47 on 1/5/2016.
Really like this map, the superbonuses were done very well. The first time I played I thought Texas and California were connected, but once I figured out that it was just the Mexican border everything went fine. Great Job!
Response by map creator Imperator on 1/6/2016
I may either change the stroke color on the roads, or add a fill to them to distinguish them from the actually country borders. The only reason it's done the way it is is because I thought that it looked best that way, but the confusion about the country borders vs roads isn't something I had thought of!
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Review by Hai Guise Wahts Uhp? on 1/20/2016.
Overall great map! I agree with the previously suggested link between Texas and Kansas. Also, I was just noticing some things about my home state of Michigan:

1: Our county is actually spelled Oceana, instead of Oceania. We're weird that way.

2: On second thought, this is fine within the limitations of the map, but feels weird to have Washtenaw (and Jackson) extend so far north. IRL, Washtenaw is way farther south than St. Clair or Bay county, and is just north of Monroe, but things can't be too accurate on a map like this without unbalancing the game, so I say its fine as is.

Overall, nice map, I really enjoyed it!
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Review by Bryan on 1/25/2016.
Great map
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Review by FrankSoDank on 2/8/2016.
Such a fun map that can easily go either way. Really looking forward to historical maps as enjoyable as this. Thanks!
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Review by RainB00ts on 9/15/2018.
Good concept and clean design that is neither underdone or overdone, but the map doesn't play in a way that lives up to the civil war. You should have added geographic barriers and naval routes and ports. With these you could have simulated real battles rather. As it is, this is just another basic map with civil war decoration, you don't get the sense you're playing in the actual civil war.
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Review by rk725 on 5/29/2016.
It's possible to fit the entire map on a screen and still make the game sort of playable. That's good.
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Review by MoneyMakingMitch on 3/8/2017.
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Review by Kevin Trotter on 2/24/2022.
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Review by warhawk on 3/8/2016.
Average, same old same old but with a little something extra.
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Review by Scotty on 1/21/2016.
The railroads were a good idea. There may be room for improvement with the bonus structure.
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