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Created by Iasonas (all)
Went public on 5/20/2015
Number of ratings: 77
Average rating: 3.6363 / 5
65 territories, 19 bonuses, 0 distribution modes



Review by [ESP] Pablo García on 6/13/2015.
Ok. It's always nice when someone makes a map of your country, but I have some things to dislike...

1) The names. I would like to know where did you find them, most make no sense. For example, Canary islands. Wouldn't it be easier name them by the island's name? Or also you've named many territories for a small village, having a big city in it.

2)The shape. I suppose the base map you used just had primary divisions, but you could have looked for provinces, and then if you feel they are too big spliting in half.

3)Strange subdivisions in big Autonomous Communities. This is not as big as the other two, but they have no sense, either historically or geographically.

Anyway, this map can be easily made better, so you might think about it, I'm sure you can do it a top map.
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Review by Nathan on 5/20/2015.
Small and well-designed. This map gets nasty, folks. My only recommendation would be to the Canary Islands to Galicia. It may not make much sense in real life, but it would help improve flow across the map.
Response by map creator Iasonas on 5/21/2015
My english isn't very good. I know nasty means something bad, but what does that expression mean?
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Review by Nemesis on 11/6/2015.
No1 Map
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Review by Daryle on 5/24/2015.
Fun map a little off sided. This would make a great large map.
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Review by MoneyMakingMitch on 2/9/2017.
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