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Battle for Norway (South)

Unlocks at level 52 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by JoTigers (all)
Went public on 6/11/2015
Number of ratings: 21
Average rating: 2.9047 / 5
41 territories, 16 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


1.2 Updates:


SorTrondelag decreased from 4 to 3
NordTrondelag decreased from 4 to 3
Vestfold decreasd from 4 to 3

Fixed connections

Fixed names

Testing started

1.1 Updates:


Oslo decreased from 5 to 3
Rogaland decreased from 5 to 4
Nord-Trondelag decreased from 5 to 4
Hordaland decreased from 6 to 5

Oppland increased from 2 to 3

Fixed bugs.


Review by NinjaNic on 6/11/2015.
Looks kind of "blobby." Also, some of the bonus values are too much. Good try!
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Review by Imperator on 6/23/2015.
Besides the fact that it doesn't really look that great, there are several examples of ridiculous bonus values, like giving four armies per turn for a two-territory bonus, or 3 armies for a one territory bonus. While this is great if you can get these when you pick your starts, it's pretty horrible for balance overall.
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Review by Nathan on 6/17/2015.
It's not a bad map, but it is sloppily drawn, making connections difficult to determine. Also, maps as small as this benefit greatly from the creation of scenarios and/or predetermined distributions - especially with Oslo being worth 3 armies per turn.
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