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Mongol Empire_Small

Created by Grester (all)
Went public on 10/11/2011
Number of ratings: 52
Average rating: 3.1923 / 5
35 territories, 6 bonuses, 1 distribution mode


Map based on Mongol Empire (shape of actual territories/empire; bonuses on territories value/size balance) designed by Grester.
This map is quite small so i recommend at it's maximum to only be played up to 6 players (6 bonuses). Even tough it's a small map not be that easy/fast to conquer it all as it seems, remember that everyone has the same advantages as you. Cards reinforcements give 10 troops which is quite high number for such map so if turns out to be able to reduce that i will reduce to 5.
If you look carefully the Sunc Empire looks like a swan :P


Review by DANX on 1/29/2015.
cool.but make it a TINY bit bigger ...
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Review by Laura The Loved One on 12/28/2013.
Awesome map! :)
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Review by otinanaimail on 3/28/2014.
nice and quick
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