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Denmark Big

Unlocks at level 16 or with the Mega Maps Pack
#Real World  
Created by Karthus (all)
Went public on 9/2/2015
Number of ratings: 141
Average rating: 4.1843 / 5
1973 territories, 1058 bonuses, 10 distribution modes


A map of Denmark, divided into its regions and municipalities (kommuner).

Copenhagen has an enlarged map.

Most of the income is given for holding cities, towns, villages, the municipality seat of administration and the regional seat of administration.

The blue lines indicate sea routes, and the gray lines indicate bridges.

The AI does not work very well on this map, since they avoid taking the cities or the seats of administration.


Review by TBest on 9/3/2015.
This map covers everything! Having not only territories, it also has BOUNUSES, not to mention SUPERBOUNUSES, and MEGABOUNUSES. The whole map has a general good variety of colors. (Read: Artwork 5/5) Unfourunalety the map represents Danmark, and that is not the best country in the world. (Fun factor:4/5) Also Legoland, (a small independent state, innside Denmark) is missing. Therefore Completeness of the map: 3/5 On the plus side there is things like ships/sea territories, and cutout to major cities. (Other factors: 4/5)

Map Uniqueness 5/5 (Not a RA copied map)
Map Singel Player Popularity 1/5 (Nathan hasn't written a map review)
Strategicnes 5/5 (Perfect to practice on for the coming invasion of Denmark)

Overall rating 4/5

My bad for not finding Legoland, I wish it was a bonus through. (Read: Legoland, being "Independent")
Response by map creator Karthus on 9/3/2015
thanks for the fine words.
If you are looking for Legoland it is on the map. It is located in the bonus Eastern Billund, within Billund Kommune.
I am not shure what independent state you are talking about. If you mean Christiania then it is to small to add to the map. Also it is not an independent state.
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Review by Nathan on 1/21/2016.
This is a great map with incredible attention to detail and an innovative prioritization of village, towns and large cities. Add to it the inset of Copenhagen and you have a blockbuster.

EDIT 1-20-16:

Love the new ship connections on the west coast. They make the map a surefire 5 .
Response by map creator Karthus on 9/4/2015
I did think about adding more overseas connections. The reason why I did not, is that the ones I have made right now are the actual ferry routes within Denmark.
I agree that the islands are in some way to isolated from Jutland (the main land). I will consider adding more connections in a future updated version. Maybe some of your suggestions.

Yes the AI does not really work well on this map. I will put that in the description.

I will consider making the lines thicker and more visible. If you are thinking why some of the lines are grey, it is because the represent bridges, while the blue represent overseas/ferry routes. I forgot to put that in the description.

Thanks a lot for the review. Always good to get some feedback.
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Review by okasan on 9/4/2015.
Fantastic map, also for the single player. Aggressive AI at the start, then it kind of peters out and it becomes a hunt-the-missing AI, as everyone likes to go for the capital city. The seats of administration seem to be a bit overpowered, giving huge bonuses at the start of the game. They also make for a lot of orphaned armies, as they are embedded within larger areas. Overall, great lay-out, great game-play, meticulous arrangement. Found only one missing link, Lynge to Granlose-Ore.
Response by map creator Karthus on 9/6/2015
I am glad you enjoyed the map.

Yes the cities and the seats of administration gives quite a lot of income. Especially in the beginning of the game.

I recommend using the distribution mode: "All Cities, Villages and Towns", or "Municipality Seat of Administration".
This will make it more even for the players. If you play automatic full distribution some players might get really lucky while some very unlucky.
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Review by Champ on 10/10/2015.
I found this map too big. After the initial excitement wore off I kept putting off playing games of this map because of the enormous amount of moves required. However it is still an incredible effort to make such a detailed map.
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Review by [NL] Hendrik on 9/3/2015.
No I mean is it possible to find such a detailled map? Your map has 1900 terrytories
Response by map creator Karthus on 9/6/2015
Yes it is possible to find detailed maps. I just found them on the web.
I was planning to make a big map, and since Denmark is a relative small country the map is going to be pretty detailed.
A big number of territories on a small area means you can really work on the details.
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Review by GuyotWyatt on 10/25/2015.
Great for a lot of people!
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Review by Arachnocat14 on 4/10/2018.
Excellent map, but the borders around Copenhagen are confusing.
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Review by t7soldier on 4/1/2018.
Great job making this one...cool cities too...love playing teams and large ffa on this one
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Review by White Wolf on 3/29/2020.
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Review by Maurizio Mandarino on 5/8/2022.
Interesting map, very challenging
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Review by ysysysgdg on 8/8/2022.
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Review by Aaron on 9/23/2022.
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