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Unlocks at level 3 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by skunk940 (all)
Went public on 3/27/2015
Number of ratings: 62
Average rating: 2.5 / 5
6 territories, 6 bonuses, 3 distribution modes


The continents of Earth. Very different in nature, very different in opinion.


Review by Hard Man on 3/27/2015.
It's not that it's small, it's that it's [i]too[/i] small.

The edges of the territories feel crinkled, and would benefit if the territories themselves were larger.

Asia should connect to North America by the same logic the Oceania connects to NA.

I guess this map checks a box somewhere.
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Review by Mudderducker on 3/27/2015.
Bad 1/5 (0 if it were possible). Absolutely pointless and its not even done to top quality. No offense to you Skunk. But just stop making these and use your time on more useful maps that will actually be played.

EDIT: 'Good'?
Response by map creator skunk940 on 3/27/2015
The world needs good small maps as well as good big maps, Banes clan map proves this. There are not enough good looking small maps out there.

I will continue to make both small and large maps.
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Review by Ysayell1 on 4/10/2015.
This map has nothing to offer, honestly; just a game of rock-paper-scissors, and of that design there are already many maps. At least put a connection between Asia and North America and... you know. Put Antarctica. It's a continent too. The best praise I can deliver is that I feel like little effort was put in, so little effort was wasted.
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Review by Imperator on 6/19/2015.
I actually had a lot of fun on this map. A symmetrical map of this fashion may be boring, but territories connect to others differently, which actually adds some strategy.
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Review by karkarah on 3/10/2016.
nice and fast
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Review by Andalorium on 1/22/2017.
Nice design just not a lot of territories, so games tend to be quick.
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Review by Moros on 3/30/2015.
Warlight doesn't need this, and based on the rating most people seem to agree with me.
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