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On the Outer Island

Unlocks at level 2 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by Marc Shar (all)
Went public on 1/27/2015
Number of ratings: 75
Average rating: 3.5733 / 5
189 territories, 38 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


This map based on real life islands of Denmark, but with mixed up ratios and positions.


Review by Nathan on 3/6/2015.
Fun map, but the major flaw is that connections are difficult to see. Sometimes the a single line links one territory to two other territories, e.g., Kirkehavn to both Vindeballe and Tvaerby. It would be to have a separate line for each connection, as you have between Rago and both Nexo and Gudhjem. Also, it can be unclear whether territories connect diagonally, e.g., Osterby and Egegard. Clean these minor problems up and I believe you have a 5-star map.

Finally, there is an unnecessary second line connecting Lilleo to Vesterskaer.

Edit 3/6/15 - You have made great improvements. There are still a couple of places where one line connects a territory to two others:

- Vigo to Hessel and Stranden
- Braemlaevenget to Osterbro and Soby
- Bolledej to Brovej and Sandvejen

Also, there should be a line visually connecting Fortet to Frederikso.

Response by map creator Marc Shar on 1/30/2015
The feedback is very much appreciated, thank you for this. I have now corrected the flaws you pointed out.
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Review by Daryle on 1/29/2015.
Island games are my favorites as they typically have more strong points
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Review by Jazz on 5/10/2015.
Very nice, tactical map. The Soby/Ostbro/Braemlevaenget connection is confusing, though.
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Review by Hoth on 11/16/2015.
Great map. Thanks for making it.
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Review by UBC on 6/28/2018.
Takes a long time to complete when getting the upperhand early
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