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Unlocks at level 4 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by benc (all)
Went public on 12/14/2014
Number of ratings: 46
Average rating: 3.5869 / 5
240 territories, 88 bonuses, 4 distribution modes


This map divides the contiguous US by where its NFL fans live.

For anyone not familiar, the NFL is the top professional league for gridiron football in the US. Each year, the NFL's 32 teams compete in a season followed by a playoff. It's the most popular sport in the US -- much like football (soccer) in the rest of the world.

This map is based on data from social media, correlating geographic location with tweets and Facebook likes. Some teams' territories have been adjusted to make a playable WarLight map. Don't be offended if your favorite team has fewer territories or a smaller bonus than its arch-rival -- it's all for the sake of balanced gameplay!

Twitter source: https://blog.twitter.com/2014/nfl-fan-map-where-are-your-team-s-followers

Facebook source: https://newsroom.fb.com/news/2014/09/2014-nfl-on-facebook/



Review by boiler95 on 6/13/2015.
I would disagree with the values you place on some markets but so would any two football fans. Cool idea :)
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Review by Communism101 on 12/17/2016.
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Review by KiRByTheAverage on 10/2/2017.
NFL fan. Lots of fun
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Review by Maximum_Salad on 5/11/2020.
Unique, but minus armies get annoying
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