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Unlocks at level 15 or with the Mega Maps Pack
#Real World  
Created by Socrates (all)
Went public on 11/12/2014
Number of ratings: 31
Average rating: 3.2258 / 5
193 territories, 53 bonuses, 5 distribution modes


Greater Cincinnati Area. Rivers are territories, but have a large negative bonus. Ohio River can only be crossed by bridge. Little Miami, Great Miami, and Licking Rivers can be crossed anywhere.


Review by Nathan on 11/13/2014.
Terrific map. I love the huge negative bonuses for the rivers.

A couple suggestions:
- there are a few territories that should not connect but do anyway
- the Licking Riverbank bonus may be a bit large
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Review by okasan on 11/13/2014.
Weird map, with the huge malus for the three rivers. Playing against 1 AI (default setting), it holds its own until it conquers all three rivers, after which one finds oneself playing against an opponent with exactly zero armies per turn: taking candy off a baby. Having said that, it's still an amusing little map.
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