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Liverpool City Centre

Unlocks at level 15 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by amos2000 (all)
Went public on 6/1/2015
Number of ratings: 69
Average rating: 3.5942 / 5
2149 territories, 264 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


Liverpool City Centre correct roughly to Autumn 2014. (Local Deployment Version)

With the exception of the Lime Street Railway Cutting, all territories are assumed to have entrances on all sides, and move into all adjoining or nearby territories unless there is something else in the way.

The railway cutting can only be entered from the stations at either end or the Williamson Tunnel Visitor Centre.

Note that the trains, busses and the Birkenhead tunnel can all be used to transport your units around the city.


Review by Nathan on 6/5/2015.
I love - I absolutely adore - huge maps. I was incredibly excited to see this map come out. It is beautiful, it is massive, it has a variety of connections and incredible detail.

Unfortunately, it is also completely unplayable in a standard game. I estimate about 70-80% of the territories have no bonuses associated with them. Other than the rail connections, there is no good way to bypass the worthless zones, so you basically have to go through them and - here's the rub - defend them. But because bonuses are so few and far between, it's impossible to maintain anything approaching reasonable control of one's territories. It's just a giant, amorphous melee that goes nowhere.

I'm going to try it again playing with plus-armies-per-territories toggled on. I don't see any other way to make this map practical. I will revisit my rating then.

EDIT 6/5/15

Much better playing this way! There are still quite a few missing connections, but some distributions will greatly improve this map.
Response by map creator amos2000 on 6/3/2015
Hi. Thanks for the review!

Yeah - this version is optimised for local deployment, for which I stripped out all the regional bonuses, because it's about taking and defending key territories. I've been playing a lot of LD recently so I focussed down on that first. There is a standard version that I'm working on, but after testing I realised I needed to rebalance all the regions, so I pushed ahead with the LD version which I was more interested in anyway.

It'll probably take me another month or more to finish the standard version. But seriously, try it on Local if you can :-)
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Review by Tarhani on 6/4/2015.
A huge map with an unusual concept.
Very interesting.

Very detailed. A must for all beatles fans. (Where do I find strawberry fields?)

Some strange or broken links, but ok, nobody is perfect.
Response by map creator amos2000 on 6/4/2015
Strawberry fields and Penny Lane are just off the map to the east. But LIPA is the former school of McCartney and Harrison, and they used to ride the number 82 bus in and out of town...
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Review by okasan on 6/7/2015.
Brilliant idea. If you play this a couple of times, you can probably find your way around Liverpool with ease (won't take any of the buses in a hurry though). The way the bonuses are distributed makes this quite a different strategic challenge - for those of you who know the game Go, this is the way to go: try to enfence larger areas without wasting troops in the inside. Against 3 AIs, this made for a 26 turn game, but it did take forever. Map, idea and execution are so fantastic, I won't even make any Scouse jokes :)
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Review by MaikMcJuggle on 9/25/2015.
Nice and creative map which introduces a completely new gameplay. I played it once in a 19 Player FFA game at light fog. However if you don't play a local deployment, you should really turn on the "one extra army per territory" setting to make the vast amount of blocks that are not covered by a bonus at least a little bit more interesting. Nonetheless, really nice work!
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Review by Fleecemaster on 6/17/2015.
The connections are not clear enough, it's a bit painstaking to set attack orders. Really nice map though, in terms of quality. Just a little too hard to play on :(
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Review by Erzherzog on 5/28/2020.
very good.
it feels like fighting in a city.
well made. a lot of work, for sure.

good for long games.
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Review by Sun City on 10/5/2019.
Enjoyed this map a lot. Thanks
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Review by Play3r1 on 9/28/2021.
Brilliant Map. One of the Best.
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Review by Jeffrey Danger on 11/18/2021.
Neatest one I've played.
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Review by DarekTheWise on 1/11/2022.
too big and complex
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Review by CC02 on 5/6/2020.
it's too much confusional
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Review by Tytan on 12/15/2015.
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