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The Bible

Created by Word Walker (all)
Went public on 9/7/2014
Number of ratings: 48
Average rating: 3.125 / 5
56 territories, 9 bonuses, 1 distribution mode


A simple synopsis of the Bible


Review by Nathan on 9/9/2014.
Wow - A-plus for creativity, execution, presentation and, quite possibly, theology. This map is extremely playable, which cannot be said for (a) most smaller maps, or (b) most thematic maps. Instead, this is great.

Oh, I suppose I could quibble about the theological significance of certain connections, like YHWH not connecting to any created thing, but within the limitations of Warlight, this map is fabulous.

Note there is a missing connection between Heaven Created and Heaven Fulfilled. I trust this is an oversight and not ecclesiastical commentary. The truly ironic thing about the broken link, however, is that I ended up having to assault the Almighty by traversing Hell.

If I were going to offer any suggestions, it would be to expand the "Joshua to Jesus" road, as that spans the majority of the Bible in just 5 territories.
Response by map creator Word Walker on 9/10/2014
Thanks for the very kind words, Nathan. I overlooked the Heaven-Heaven link which I added after another noticed I had two spots labelled Heaven. I didn't want it to be esoteric or theological, but give a very high-level overview of the Bible and the church. I wanted to avoid getting bogged down in the 1500 years of Jewish history, which could make it unmanageable. As to the theological implications of the JHVH-creation connection, there are none intended. The flow is mostly temporal and a little causal. I also could have elaborated the Trinity, but there's no end, right? If you're interested in more on my faith and story, it's in my website.
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Review by Minkus on 9/11/2014.
Excellent map for a quick 1v1.
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Review by Cadavaca on 11/15/2014.
Good topology.
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Review by wickidd on 11/3/2021.
cool map, but the initial placement is really messed up. I had to restart several times in order to get a decent one.
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Review by Aaron on 3/9/2023.
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Review by pavel on 3/26/2021.
long live islam
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Review by Timinator • apex on 9/11/2014.
So small an still missing connection(s)
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