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Double Elimination Tournament

Unlocks at level 38 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by Wenyun (all)
Went public on 12/27/2019
Number of ratings: 13
Average rating: 3.5384 / 5
257 territories, 136 bonuses, 19 distribution modes


A 64 player double elimination tournament.

Territories connect to where they could have come from in the previous round, and where they could go in the next round (whether through winning or losing).

In the winner's bracket, the red numbers show where contestants will go if they lose. The numbers in the loser's bracket show where the winner's bracket losers will end up.


Review by TurboTT117 on 2/17/2020.
I want this template style to be implemented in the tournaments for the future! Enjoyable chaos :-D
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Review by Perhaps on 1/14/2020.
There are invisible links all over the place.
How is a player supposed to know what connects to what?

There are numbered identifiers. But it is too much to absorb.
Too confusing for me.
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Review by pitulnik on 3/8/2020.
I love the idea but reality is not that much enjoyable. I still can't imagine a game without a complete chaos. Connections becomes longer and longer and their number keeps increasing. It's almost impossible to build some kind of a defence position.
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