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1701: War of Spanish Succession (Imperial)

Unlocks at level 25 or with the Mega Maps Pack
#Real World  
Created by zxctycxz [Ollie Bye] (all)
Went public on 8/12/2014
Number of ratings: 104
Average rating: 3.8461 / 5
478 territories, 169 bonuses, 0 distribution modes



Review by 6th Army Group on 8/12/2014.
The Map is well drawn, big, and seemingly has no errors. It also brings in Colonial Warfare, a concept that seems hard to usher in. The creator of the map dealt with this by using portal territories to connect to other portal territories which then connect to coastal territories of the colonies.

My only 2 complaints are that France is small and lacking the detail in territories of that of Britain and Spain. Because of this, its bonuses are smaller, which means that if you try to replay the war of Spanish Succession, the game is over very quickly. Also, Brazil is hard to reach, yet I can travel from the West Indies to India in one turn!

Besides that, it's a good and accurate map, and one of my new favorites. 4/5 stars
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Review by Nathan on 8/12/2014.
This map has great potential, but it definitely could be improved.

First, there are numerous broken connections, e.g., Sucre-Trinidad, To the West Indies (North Sea) - To Denmark (Faroe), as well as lines missing where connections exist, e.g., To the West Indies (Friesland) - To the Netherlands (Curacao).

Next, there are too many dead ends and regions of limited access, e.g., the Venetian colonies, French Canada and Brazil. This impedes gameplay as too much of one's time is spent chasing down pockets of resistance.

Finally, and most critically, the map is way too visually confusing. Tracing the overseas connections made me feel like I did when attempting to navigate the Munich transit system after one too many beverages at Oktoberfest. It made my head heart.

I suggest using a single overseas portal for each theater with connections to numerous ports and other theaters. That would greatly simplify the map and help make it the awesome board it can be.
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Review by Le Count H on 10/2/2014.
Awesome map
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Review by bloomis on 11/29/2017.
Awesomely intricate, intricately awesome!
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Review by Andalorium on 11/26/2016.
I really love the idea and the layout, but connections need to be rechecked and fixed, for instance Pugia, and Calabria should have one but does not, and Venice is connected Slovonia, but the map shows no real connection, and those are only two I know there where more. Fun and interesting though.
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Review by OTPM on 12/24/2014.
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Review by ҈ * TeeMee123҈ * on 9/27/2014.
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