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Unlocks at level 10 or with the Mega Maps Pack
#Fictional  #Novelty  
Created by Lucius (all)
Went public on 7/5/2014
Number of ratings: 52
Average rating: 2.0961 / 5
9 territories, 4 bonuses, 0 distribution modes



Review by Andalorium on 1/9/2017.
Just a small map, bonuses are unbalanced though.
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Review by Kris on 4/23/2019.
Very small map with an obvious strategy - who takes north, wins the game (and controlling one 4 bonus there is usually enough). Because of that most settings lead to a lottery game and there are better maps for such games.

The map is playable, though, as 1v1 with 3 or 4 starting territories, small base income, and a reinforcement card available from the first turn. These settings make the game very aggressive from the very beginning, with both players fighting to control as much of the north territory as possible, prohibiting at the same time their opponents to take the south.

Because it is neither a true lottery map nor a map with interesting strategies to play, I am willing to give only 2/5. The experience might get improved when southern bonus is increased and northern decreased (at least the big bonus)
or when another connection is added to eliminate the choke point between north and south.
3 out of 3 people found this review helpful.
Review by Aaron Gagnon on 2/4/2022.
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