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Amsterdam Trams

Created by Kris Boyd (all)
Went public on 3/31/2014
Number of ratings: 55
Average rating: 3.3454 / 5
218 territories, 110 bonuses, 2 distribution modes


The Amsterdam tramway network forms part of the public transport system in Amsterdam. Opened in 1875, the network has been operated since 1943 by Gemeentelijk Vervoerbedrijf.

The trams on the network run on standard gauge track. Since 1900, they have been powered by electricity, at 600 V DC. At the termini of almost every tram line there is a suitable turning loop, so that the line can be operated by unidirectional trams.

With 15 lines, the network comprises a total of 213 km (132 mi) of track. The fleet is made up of 216 trams, of which 24 are bidirectional.


Review by Nathan on 4/4/2014.
Normally I don't enjoy train plan maps, but this is easily the best I've played on. Gameplay is improved by the large number of single-territory bonuses spread throughout. Winning here is not about grabbing hold of a long strand and defending it at all costs. Rather, expansion follows a more typical path, despite the linear appearance of the board (which is greatly alleviated by the numerous interchanges and flanking possibilities).

Terrific work!
Response by map creator Kris Boyd on 4/11/2014
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Review by otinanaimail on 4/2/2014.
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Review by Andalorium on 1/17/2017.
Lots of twist and turns, ... slow start, and when you have momentum easy to roll through your opponents, but the small bonuses for multi lines going through help to even things out a little in the beginning.
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Review by Earl_of_Scotland on 11/1/2019.
all the maps with the boss are just waste of time
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