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Created by Rodan the Rhino King (all)
Went public on 3/27/2014
Number of ratings: 59
Average rating: 3.3898 / 5
97 territories, 22 bonuses, 1 distribution mode



"Welcome, Spartan. I'm your shipboard AI, here to fill you in on your next mission.

While stationed aboard UNSC frigate "Dusk of Mercy", you've been rerouted to the planet Kappa XI. It seems they've gone off the grid- perhaps it's the result of an Insurrectionist strike... maybe it's something more sinister.
After a short slipspace jump into the system, you find a Halo Installation in orbit over the planet! There's no time to waste- as the ranking commander in the sector, you need to secure the Halo; the planetside defenses; the space elevator; and the frigate. Are you up to the challenge? You 'd better be, because I'm picking up strange signals from local space... and whatever it is, it sounds gravely serious."



Review by Nathan on 3/28/2014.
Cool map, but I think a few issues prevent it from being very good.

1 - The bonus territories are too large. With only 100 total territories, bonus areas consisting of 10, 11 and even 13 territories are simply too large.

2 - Several missing connections - e.g., Yaroun - Al Muthana; Madaba - Pergamum; and Pozzuli - Mosul (or perhaps this one shouldn't connect - it just looks like it does).

3 - Overvalued bonuses - 50 armies for controlling the planet simply provides too much of an advantage. Ditto 30 for controlling the Halo - with only 4 access points it's way too easy to defend.
Response by map creator Rodan the Rhino King on 3/30/2014
Nathan, thanks for your input!

1- I'll implement some more bonuses. I'll perhaps have twice as many on the Halo (six, up from three), and add a few to the planet itself.

2- Thanks for finding these! Easy fixes.

3- My initial intention was for them to be "superbonuses" to speed up the end of a game... but it doesn't exactly play that way. I'll cut them down by about half or more to benefit mid-game play.

Again, thanks for your help.
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Review by Raptor on 4/9/2014.
Its awesome. I love the infinity hovering above the earth and the halo. Although I do say it should have more territories.

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Review by ironhalo on 1/3/2015.
too small
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Review by Matt Schwartz on 11/23/2021.
too simple
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