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Created by Nathan (all)
Went public on 3/10/2014
Number of ratings: 91
Average rating: 3.6593 / 5
839 territories, 256 bonuses, 4 distribution modes


Many centuries in the future, humanity is forced to begin again. The Church of God Awaiting, based in Zion, has been created to hinder technological advancement in the hope of keeping mankind hidden from the genocidal Gbaba. Confined to a world dominated by the sea, nations that control the waves can command a lion share of Safehold's resources. Take to the oceans and dominate your enemies!


Review by Nathan on 3/10/2014.
Thanks for pointing out any errors and broken connections. I have discovered a couple more missing links, one link that shouldn't be there and that I inadvertently used a territory name twice. All of these issues will be fixed in the next version. In the meantime, please keep me advised as to any additional problems.

For those of you familiar with the world of Safehold, you'll no doubt note that I took some liberties with the place names. In some cases I invented place names that I felt were consistent with the spirit of the nation or area in which they are located. In others, I used territory names that are close to accurate but probably a bit off geographically speaking. If you come across any such inaccuracies you have a hard time swallowing, please let me know.

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Review by Veith Garner on 4/23/2014.
The biggest issue is the "tiny island sprawl" it's next to impossible to establish any sort of chokepoints....perhaps they're should be two maps, one with all those tiny islands, and one without, otherwise, a fantastic map, I love it.
Response by map creator Nathan on 4/24/2014
Thanks, Veith. I intentionally designed the map without chokepoints to reflect the crucial importance of controlling the seas as found in the Safehold series of books. Nevertheless, you might try treating the water territories as chokepoints and see if that changes the gameplay for you. For example, I have found it profitable to surround the island of Tarot and then conquer it to obtain its superbonus.
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Review by Krulle on 3/10/2014.
I missed only one connection: Hastings <-> Zhoel
Response by map creator Nathan on 3/27/2014
Version 1.1 is now active. I believe all broken and improper connections have been repaired. Thank you all for letting me know what you found. I wish everyone happy playing!
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Review by General Scott on 3/20/2014.
Great map for a great book series!
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Review by Empire of Kilos on 5/23/2015.
Grand map my personal favorite in the fictional maps (and it takes alot to beat out the Tamerial map:P)
Response by map creator Nathan on 6/11/2015
Wow - that's very high praise! Thank you!
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Review by MaCShorb on 5/25/2015.
An amazing map, great for huge diplomacies.
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Review by Andalorium on 12/19/2016.
The layout is unique, bonuses well placed and balanced, fun map, lots of unique connections between territories too.
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Review by Nicate9 on 8/21/2015.
worst map i have ever seen. Everything is so confusing.
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