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Created by AABowser (all)
Went public on 2/19/2014
Number of ratings: 41
Average rating: 3.1951 / 5
50 territories, 14 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


This map was modeled after a procedurely generated level from a dungeon crawler. This was an experiment to see how the map designer works.


Review by RvW on 2/20/2014.
The map itself is well-made and has plenty of potential. Unfortunately the bonuses lack any kind of balance at all. The bonus "LongRooms" consists of eight territories (non-contiguous; spread out all over the map) and is worth six armies per turn. On the other hand there are various bonuses of a single territory worth three ("Entrance", "Exit"), four ("Hallway3", "Hallway4") or even five ("Boss") armies...
Players can solve part of the problem themselves (override bonus values for the single territory bonuses), but it would be much better if the map maker would redesign the bonuses (and then reconsider their values).
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Review by Robc01 on 2/24/2014.
relly enjoyed the challenge
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Review by Andalorium on 1/10/2017.
Okay map, but when I think dungeon I think dark, cool, progressively harder and a challenge, I did not really get any of that from this map.
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