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City of Ancient Rome

#Real World  
Created by [ROME]daigman (all)
Went public on 5/17/2014
Number of ratings: 45
Average rating: 3.2222 / 5
69 territories, 12 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


This is a map of ancient rome.


Review by Nathan on 5/19/2014.
This map provides a real challenge as the bonus areas are large and the bonuses they confer are small. I wouldn't mind using slightly larger bonus values. However, even better would be to break the map up into smaller bonus areas to provide for greater strategic flexibility.

The artwork leaves something to be desired. Moreover, while many of the names are excellent, "Gate 2" could easily be improved. Correct these issues and maybe add a distribution or two and you have yourself a five-star map.
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Review by ima eat yor bum on 11/5/2018.
my dad left me when i was five
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Review by OTPM on 11/27/2014.
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