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Mosaic Madness

Unlocks at level 5 or with the Mega Maps Pack
Created by Diabolicus (all)
Went public on 2/22/2011
Number of ratings: 33
Average rating: 2.8787 / 5
40 territories, 8 bonuses, 2 distribution modes


Based on a famous drawing by M. C. Escher.

Designed for max. 8 players, but more than 4 will probably be too crowded.

This is actually my first map published so far, so bear with me :-)
Comments are always welcome.


Review by Andalorium on 1/9/2017.
The Art is interesting, I'd love to see it expanded upon, like the same map with each creature broken up and made it's own bonus, awesome map.
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Review by illik on 7/28/2023.
the map works well. it is just not my style of design.
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