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#Real World  
Created by Napoleon (all)
Went public on 1/6/2014
Number of ratings: 55
Average rating: 3.2909 / 5
46 territories, 11 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


Map of meath towns and townlands, Ireland


Review by Nathan on 1/6/2014.
Pretty decent. I like the towns and castles bonuses - always fun to see novelty bonuses that aren't based on contiguous territories. The problem here is, as on most maps, very rarely will players be in position to hold all of the novelty bonus territories.

Additionally, the Southwest region is rather imbalanced (4-7), while most of the other regions offer about a 1-1 territory to army bonus.

Finally, the borders need to be cleaned up. Eliminate the spacing between each of them to make them truly adjacent. Also, make sure to make connections very clear, for example, it isn't obvious at first glance whether Summerhill and Dunderry connect.
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Review by skarabaios on 6/13/2024.
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Review by Zadzad on 1/7/2014.
Dis is dah best meath evr
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