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#Real World  
Created by dakontinent (all)
Went public on 11/29/2013
Number of ratings: 42
Average rating: 3.1666 / 5
167 territories, 32 bonuses, 2 distribution modes


Map of Delaware.


Review by Nathan on 12/3/2013.
Solid map. I disagree about the advantage to players starting in the north. Nevertheless, the bonuses are a bit less generous in the south. I suggest equalizing bonuses by number of territories in them. In other words, if a you're going to give 4 bonus armies for holding one area of 5 territories (e.g., Prime Hook), then give 4 armies for all 5-territory bonus regions (e.g., Delmar, Assawoman, etc.)

Also, there is a broken link between Fleming and Prior Park in north central Delaware.
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Review by Christian 'Thor' Picard on 11/29/2013.
The map has good potential, but whoever start in the North will always win: better bonus, way easier to defend than the South.
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