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Conain Island

Created by King Philip (all)
Went public on 10/23/2013
Number of ratings: 82
Average rating: 3.6829 / 5
178 territories, 47 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


Once, the planet "Conain" was a thriving place with a lot of large islands and wide dry lands. A bright creature started to evolve, calling themselves "Gon-gon". 20000 years past and the creature had become highly evolved, with tecnology far better than we have today. But they faced a major problem. The massive ices of the poles started to melt. They couldn't stop it, so they built huge floating cities made of a metal which doesn't exist on earth. 3600 earthyears before today, "Conain" had only one remaining island.
At exactly this point of time, a group of aliens from another planet came from the sky and landed on this island. They called themselves "humans" and told the Gon-gons they came from a planet called "Tellus". They were the refugees of the mighty people of Atlantis. 4000 years later, another spaceship came in orbit. This was the ship of the remaining people of earth. The earth had been destroyed by a meteor. This is the story of the humans, trying to reestablish on the foreign planet.


Review by Krulle on 10/24/2013.
Lovely, thank you!

Minor things:
I encountered some unexpected links:
South End <-> Nahodi Bay
North Nahodi Djungle <-> Nahodi Bay
North Nahodi Djungle <-> Soerhaven
Highrise Mountain Hillside <-> Rider Peak

and I missed 2 links:
Clearcoast <-> Getaway resorts
New Normandy <-> Megálo Eisodo

Thank You!
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Review by Nathan on 10/23/2013.
Fun story and concept. I like the map design, as well. My criticism lies in the size of the bonus areas. Bonus areas of 10 territories makes for a slow game and one in which the AI is terrible. It simply cannot control and hold a bonus region. I expect that this map will make for a slow multiplayer game, as well.

Beyond that, the bonuses themselves are relatively small, generally offering between a 1:3 or 1:4 army-territory ratio. IMHO anything below 1:2 deadens gameplay; I prefer 3:5 or 2:3. These can be edited, of course, but the problem of taking and defending the large bonus regions themselves remains.

Another difficulty created by low bonus ratios is that bonus areas are disproportionately valuable. If you start on Settler's Island (2:4), for instance, you can quickly conquer that territory and 2 of the 3 Gon-Gon cities. The player who doubles his armies in the first couple turns will probably faceroll over everyone else.
Response by map creator King Philip on 2/2/2014
The errors are now FIXED! :) There are now more and smaller bonuses, more obstacles on the map etc. Hope you like it.
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Review by Mark The Destroyer on 12/24/2013.
A lot of missing links. Otherwise it is a very good map.
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Review by otinanaimail on 3/25/2014.
nice map
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Review by Ignacio Germanotta on 9/19/2014.
Mu bien mu bien
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Review by INSIDE on 5/30/2014.
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Review by Captchawizard on 10/25/2013.
Bonuses too small. Too cramped for the 4 FFA. Liked the theme though. Some territories had connection issues. There were definitely some in the Bahamas area.
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