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European Settlements in India (1739)

Unlocks at level 8 or with the Mega Maps Pack
#Real World  
Created by Belgian Gentleman (all)
Went public on 9/9/2013
Number of ratings: 40
Average rating: 2.925 / 5
40 territories, 15 bonuses, 3 distribution modes


A map showing the European Settlements in India (year :1739)


Review by Nathan on 9/9/2013.
This map has great potential, but right now success playing on it is entirely dependent on starting position. I might recommend giving a bonus for each major city a player holds. The other bonuses you have now are well-balanced, but anyone able to take control of a chain of cities (e.g., Ganges or Southeastern bonus areas) or Ceylon can camp on those territories.

Also, there should be a line to between Agra and Hughli to reflect that they do, in fact, connect.
Response by map creator Belgian Gentleman on 11/16/2014
You are free to change the reward number of a bonus.

Also thanks for noticing the overidden link.
The connection between Agra and Hughli is now fixed in Version 1.3
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Review by graze on 9/9/2013.
Wonderful idea.

But, I can not see the Flag Bonus well.
I think circles for territories are TOO small.

Except that, it's great.

(Sorry for poor English...)
Response by map creator Belgian Gentleman on 10/10/2017
Select bonus and click ' more info '.
Now you will see the territories that are part of the bonus.
Also the size of the territories is not that sooo small. Come on circle territories are everywhere nowadays
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Review by Captain Carrot on 9/9/2013.
Nicely presented but not to interesting
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