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Sci Fi Map

Created by cfactor253 (all)
Went public on 10/11/2013
Number of ratings: 56
Average rating: 3.2321 / 5
480 territories, 157 bonuses, 0 distribution modes


A map of The of Galaxy made up from Sci fi shows. Planets form the different sci fi shows may not where there they should be. Q did it


Review by Krulle on 10/24/2013.
The bonus situation is horribly.

e.g. Shadow Empire, Vorlon Empire, Asgard, Ori; incredible high bonus for nearly no territories. Totally out of balance (e.g. Asgard: 15bonus for 3 territories)
ETA: this causes extreme unbalancing in early games, as someone might get lucky and gets a large bonus after his first turn.

Tell Q to stop meddling!

missing connections:
Planet H <-> Khosla
Pegasus <-> Atlantis
Halowan <-> Alaskan
Borg transwarp network connections.

Incorrect connection: Borg Transwarp Hub 4 <-> Kessel
ETA: If this is on purpose, why does no other transwarp hub have a connection to a non-bordering country? And why are the transwarp hubs not interconnected?

If you've got the balance better, I'll gladly reconsider my vote.
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Review by Nathan on 10/11/2013.
The bonuses are extremely skewed (and extremely large). Moreover, each bonus area appears to be virtually duplicated. For example, Sector Alpha 4 and the United Alliance of Evil include exactly the same territories. It's almost like the creator used dummy territory and bonus names and forgot to remove them when he/she put in the real ones.

There are several missing connections. I would also like to see a graphic marking the Bajoran wormhole because it came as a total surprise to me when I stumbled onto it.

Nevertheless, this map has great potential. The layout is challenging and the bonus areas themselves are manageable. I recommend taking the time - at least once - to manually adjust the bonuses so that it is playable. One easy method is to reduce all the creatively named bonuses to zero and simply retain the Sector area bonuses. You'll probably also want to adjust the superbonuses to make them smaller and more equitable throughout.
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Review by Christian 'Thor' Picard on 10/11/2013.
I totally agree with Krulle: bonus highly unbalanced, to the point the map in unplayable.
I you start in a nice spot, you can easily get 150 troops/turn around turn 15 while the others get a much more smaller bonus (something around 50 to 60/turn)...

For the moment, I give 1 star.
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Review by Angriest Angel on 10/22/2013.
Love the map. Probably should be played with army cap though, due to the insane income.
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Review by Cyssoo on 3/22/2014.
Not balanced.
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Review by GalacticExposure on 2/16/2015.
During my game, the balance was immediately thrown off.
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Review by Andalorium on 12/7/2016.
I want to love the map, but besides the unbalance of the bonuses, there are a lot of unexplained connections, I figured out the warp gate and worm hole, but Atlantis does not connect to one of its adjacent territories, and this happens all over the map, just something that really bugs me.
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Review by A_B3 on 9/10/2017.
Odd territory reward bonuses make for difficult to understand game play. But once you play a few games, you gain an understanding and reduces understanding.
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Review by Perhaps on 10/25/2017.
Broken links:

does not connect to
Planet H

does not connect to

does not connect to

Superfluous link:

does connect to
Borg Transwarp...
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