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West Bengal

#Real World  
Created by unknown (all)
Went public on 8/12/2013
Number of ratings: 63
Average rating: 2.7936 / 5
19 territories, 10 bonuses, 0 distribution modes



Review by Nathan on 8/12/2013.
Nice map, visually speaking. Unfortunately, whoever starts in the north will win. Consider linking non-adjacent territories to improve playability.
Response by map creator unknown on 8/16/2013
Thank you for your valuable suggestion. We (me and Hotdogg)have a plan to create the map of India, of which West Bengal is a state. I am sure when the adjacent states will come into the picture, this problem will not be there. I am also examining the feasibility of joining non-adjacent territories for the current map.

2nd Note:
Well, I have played a number of times on this map and i came to this conclusion that this is not so easy map, there are so many complications. It's not always true that if you start in north you will win.

Please see the game links.
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Review by FlyingBender on 8/16/2013.
higly unbalanced for regional bonus
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Review by Mephistophele on 3/25/2019.
Well done map... 4 stars because I've read it is part of a bigger project.
That will make things different. As it is a strategy for easy dominance can be planned at start.
Only consider that the addition of other regions would make much more appealing a start in the Sout, that has more bonuses than the North.
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