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Clan: The Bakery

Number of members: 10
Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pastry
Tagline: Hot & Ready when you are ;)
Created: 4/6/2014

Bio: Welcome to The Bakery! All are welcome to enjoy our delightful scones, our scrumptious muffins, our luscious rolls, and our curvaceous doughnuts. There are none better.

Come in a stay awhile. We love all, especially the FBG. They have a special place in all our dough.

Clan Member Title
Ethereal Pastry Cake Boss
FertileCroissant LouisCamilleMaillard
A Ham-Handed Sausage Cart Conductor Deep Fryer
Flaccid Scone Dough Master
muffin-man 0.8g dietary fiber
Self-Aware Cinnamon Bun Pastry Glazer
Yesterday'sEclair Cream Filled
Krusty Cookie Gluten-free
Peruvian Danish Empanada Panadero
TurgidBaguette Whole Wheat