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Clan: League of Nations

Number of members: 1
Link: https://discord.gg/tD28vzg
Created: 2/2/2014

Bio: Welcome to the League of Nations!

This clan is currently under reconstruction. It is planned as a both a strategy and roleplay themed group.
Even though the clan League of Nations is quite old, it was originally created after the UN was hijacked. The LN is now no longer needed for its former purpose and can become something new.

LN is a sister clan of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics and our early activities such as games and tournaments will all be in coorporation with her.

The League of Nations is going to be a nice place for people who seek an active clan and are interested in both roleplay diplomacy games and interesting strategic templates. Our games shall be as special as possible.
To ensure activity and a good community, all new members are encouraged to visit our forum from time to time where all clan activities are announced. Discussions of other topics and just sharing interesting things there is also very welcomed. Another option for clan communication is the League of Nation's discord server, the link can be found above.

Our gouvernment is going to be a rather democratic one, even if manager rights remain with the refounders. A council of elected members will make the decisions and invent or remove rules and requirements. Such council can be elected when the clan has enough members.

All active players who share the clan's interests and think they fit in our community, deserve a fair chance to integrate. We will however, not hesitate to kick or even ban players who behave in disresepctful ways or damage the clan's reputation.

- At least lvl. 10
- Ideally a boot rate of bellow 20%
- Be an active player
- Always respect other players
- Visit the clan forum once in a while (Don't just read, use it yourself)

To join the clan, contact Master HFG for an invite.
Introduce yourself in the clan forum in case you have been accepted.

Regular Ranks:
Secretary General (leader)
Delegate (member of security council)
Ambassador (important member)
Diplomat (member)

Clan Member Title
[LN]Kyger Soviet Ambassador