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Clan: (No Mercy)!Clan

Number of members: 17
Link: http://no-mercy-clan.wix.com/no-mercy
Tagline: "We are the !eliteWarriors with NoMercy!"
Created: 12/22/2013

Bio: "No Mercy Clan" connects all fair and communicative WarLight players.Anyone can be a member, since he respects the rules and knows how to play!

"No Mercy" is ruled by its own elite, the !eWar clan.

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Clan Member Title
PABLO pl Soldato
°√osτrσ Soldato
!(eWaR)Carlito Godfather
-=[B0NKER]=- Soldato
(No Mercy)! jake from state farm Soldato
(No Mercy)!Madara God of Konoha Soldato
!(eWaR)Křupi Underboss
Patchanga Hitman
(No Mercy)!DomonX Soldato
!(eWaR) AIC Capo
!(eWaR)king of chickens Capo
!(eWaR)Epicz Capo
(No Mercy)!Oya Soldato
!(eWaR)Lio43 Capo
!(eWaR)Matak Capo
!(eWaR) grace Capo