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Clan: United States of Warlight

Number of members: 27
Link: http://www.weebly.com/weebly/main.php
Tagline: To Serve and Protect
Created: 12/17/2013

Bio: All Americans and others are welcome.

North American republic containing 50 states - 48 conterminous states.
Each Players may choose one state to govern. You can also enlist in the U.S Army.

First President – SkyLimit.
Current President - Imogin in charge of the Executive Branch
Vice President – ᵀᴴᴱᗪᏒᎯᎶᎾN(OWNER) is in charge of the Judicial Branch.
Governor – (Closed)
Secretary of Defense – Bossss in charge of Department of Defense and Pentagon.
Secretary of Treasury - (Closed)

The United States Army Ranks:
lv.10 - lv.15 = Private
lv.16 - lv.20 = Corporal
lv.21 - lv.25 = Sergeant
lv.26 - lv.30 = Second Lieutenant
lv.31 - lv.35 = First Lieutenant
lv.36 - lv.40 = Captain
lv.41 - lv.45 = Major
lv.46 - lv.50 = Colonel
lv.51 - lv.55 = General
lv.56 - lv.60 = General of the United States Army
American Players
#1 Find 3 facts about your state, message me your state Capitol and biggest city, and your favorite place.
1. Have to be level 10 or higher.
2. 40% boot rate or lower.
3. Active at least every other day.
4. Play more then 25 games.

state.Find 6 facts about a state message me the top 5 biggest city of the state, find a place anywhere on that state you want to go to as a vacation.
1. Have to be level 15 or higher.
2. 20% boot rate or lower
3. Active at least every other day.
4. Play more then 75 games.

Clan Member Title
SkyLimit 1st President
Stupify Retired
Kretox General
Demo II Retired
CommanderN Retired
Bossss Secretary of Defense
Azrael Retired
Rogue Bot Recruit
Zenyan Retired
Melomania Retired
Dr. Skullex the Politically Confused Furry Retired
Despicable Retired
Patton Retired
SpeckSlayer Retired
sam Tennessee Governor
DOOM Discharged
MarioMan237 Retired
Mustangdt Retired
HERC Retired
Simmic Retired
Imogin President of USW
Emperor Napolean II Oregon Governor
ᵀᴴᴱᗪᏒᎯᎶᎾN Vice President
Josh Rhode Island Gov'nor
Bailey Retired
Qbeazy Retired
Shibedoge Totakeke Retired